Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) requires more than trying to deliver “what Google wants”. As searches are made by people, you have to understand the motivation behind the search query and strive to make your site the best result for it.

Search relevancy is therefore highly important and is determined by Search Engines according to how engaging, performant, appropriate and “correct” a particular Website is. With this in mind, OK 200 focuses its SEO efforts not on building spammy links but on the following more important areas:

  • Content – we ensure your content is engaging and optimised for the most important searches your customers are making.
  • Information Architecture – we structure your content to keep customers interested in remaining on your site for longer.
  • Technical SEO – we verify the technical aspects of your site are correctly optimised to guarantee the Search Engines know about, and understand, your content.
  • Social Signals – we create social media strategies and deliver social content that truly excites, resulting in increased engagement and visits to your site.

As every Website is different and every site owner has particular objectives and resources, we create strategies that are unique to each and designed to deliver results quickly.

Contact us today to learn how we can overhaul your current approach to SEO and make your Website more prominent in the Search Engine Results Pages.