Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Of all search queries requested online, approximately 69% are made from Google, making it the world’s most widely used search engine. As such, it is vital that your Website can be seen when people are making Google searches for the services and products you offer.

The visibility of your Website can be increased by achieving higher placements in the organic search results or via paid advertising results. Organic visibility increases require a long-term and substantial effort in order to effect a significant increase in the visibility of your site in the results pages. A much quicker approach is to use paid advertising.

Google’s paid advertising platform, Adwords, is a service that enables businesses (and individuals) to present a brief advertisement description to people making searches relevant to the products and services they offer. Advertisers pay Google for any advert that results in a “click” visit to their site. The beauty of Adwords is that depending upon the amount the advertiser is prepared to pay for each click, the visibility of their site in the results for a relevant search can be increased simply and quickly.

OK 200 has worked with the Google Adwords platform for over 10 years, promoting a range of consumer and trade services and products. We are Adwords Certified (in Advanced Search Advertising) and have worked with monthly advertising budgets from £300 to £50k.

For further information about Google Adwords or to find out how we can help you to make sales or generate leads for your business through Google advertising contact us now.

OK 200 is an official Google Partner. You can check our Partner status here: OK 200 Google Partner.

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