Libraries & Google Indexes

The Google Library

Let’s say that a Website is a book and Google is a library. In a real world scenario, before a book gets added to a library’s collection, the library knows nothing about the book. If someone goes into the library and asks for it, the library will check it’s indexing system and likely say, “we

SEO Process


If you need help to optimise your Website for search, there are some fundamental things to consider, since choosing the wrong help can create issues best avoided: fixing problems caused by bad advice can take time and of drive up the overall cost of your online marketing campaigns. I have seen many examples of under optimisation, over

Structured Markup

Structured Markup

In a Google Webmaster Central hangout on September 11 2015, John Mueller (Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst) suggested that structured data and rich snippets could be used as a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm to help refine Google’s search results. Although Google does not currently use structured markup for the purposes of ranking Web pages, Mueller stated

Google News Lab

Political Analytics

Analysis of search terms carried out by Alasdair Rae (Sheffield University) in conjunction with Google News Lab has shown Jeremy Corbyn to be the “leader” out of the four Labour Party leadership candidates. The analysis, focusing upon searches made during the June-August 2015 period, shows that the search phrase “Jeremy Corbyn” generated the most searches:


Wikipedia & Black Hat

Wikipedia has taken a stand against 381 account owners who have been identified as “black hat” editors: effectively people who have been paid to promote specific pages on English Wikipedia. Wikipedia has often been prone to this type of exploitation. In the early days it was a place where people would create pages about, and

Google Antitrust

Google Antitrust

After a three-year investigation into Google’s activities in India, a complaint has been lodged with the Competition Commission of India. A number of Website owners in numerous niches have complained that the Search Engine unfairly exploits its position as a search results provider to promote Google’s own services over and above other competitors. Of course this is not the first time Google has

Adobe Flash

Google Vs. Flash!

As has been long forewarned, Google is officially flicking the technical switch on its policy against Adobe Flash on September 1st 2015. Presently, Adobe Flash content is allowed to run automatically on Google Chrome, but from September 1st “non-essential” content (such as Flash adverts) will be paused automatically with browsers being prompted to allow such media to run. According to Google,

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Design

If you have ever used your mobile phone to browse online and come across a site where the text was too small to read, or the links were too close together or you had to scroll sideways to view the full page you will appreciate the importance of mobile optimised Websites. Websites that are not