The Google Library

Libraries & Google Indexes

Let’s say that a Website is a book and Google is a library.

In a real world scenario, before a book gets added to a library’s collection, the library knows nothing about the book. If someone goes into the library and asks for it, the library will check it’s indexing system and likely say, “we don’t have it and we don’t know anything about it… so we cannot give you any information about what you’re looking for!”.

Google is like this, albeit with a much more sophisticated, powerful and efficient indexing system than a real-world library.

Unlike a library, Google’s index documents not only the Website, but all the pages of that Website… and all the combinations of words on those pages too. So when a Website is first published and someone searches for something that is relevant to content on a page within that site, Google’s search index will not make a match to it… because it doesn’t know about it.

The owner of a new Website, wants Google to enter all of the pages in his/her site to its index, so that if someone makes a search for something related to their site’s content, Google can return a page match for their site from it’s index and serve it to the search results so the searcher can see it, click it and visit their site.

So I’ll Get Visits When Google Indexes My Site, Right?

Yes… and no!

Getting into the Google index is one thing. Having Google push your page high enough within the search results to get a click visit is another. It’s relatively easy to encourage Google to index new sites/pages… if you know what you’re doing. Winning high-visibility for your pages within the results for keywords that drive traffic takes time and effort… more often than not, a lot of time and effort.

To this end, page content is absolutely vital to a Website… and the more authoritative and voluminous it is (in terms of the number of individual pages and the amount of on-page words), the more likely it is that over time a Website will attract increasing numbers of visitors looking for even the most obscure of search phrases related to what the site is about…  but it has to be indexed first!.

This is why high-quality and substantial (indexed!) on-site content published regularly over a long-term combined with SEO techniques to give them Google gravitas, are so important.


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