If you need help to optimise your Website for search, there are some fundamental things to consider, since choosing the wrong help can create issues best avoided: fixing problems caused by bad advice can take time and of drive up the overall cost of your online marketing campaigns.

I have seen many examples of under optimisation, over optimisation, poor quality content, low-quality link-building and numerous other obvious signals that show SEO strategies have been implemented badly, even if well intentioned.

With this in mind, here’s my guide to some of the things to consider when outsourcing SEO.

Don’t Believe The Hype

No one can guarantee they’ll put you in the number 1 spot in the SERPs for all your target keywords… or for that matter, for even for one of your target keywords! What is important are visits and your SEO partner should be focusing upon driving up your overall organic traffic rather than promising to make you result number 1 for the keywords you believe are the best ones in your niche. I’m not saying that a high position is not important; merely that what should matter most is seeing an overall increase in the position of your target keywords, demonstrably resulting in increased traffic and sales.

Don’t Expect Miracles Overnight

The impossible can be achieved very quickly… but miracles take a little longer! Implementing correct strategies that lead to a material growth in organic traffic takes time. How much time will really depend upon your particular market and what you’re aiming to achieve… and to me, hearing the “we can get you there in a month” speech reveals more holes than a woodpecker trying to remove splinters from Pinocchio’s tongue.

You Get What You Pay For

Of course, costs are always important for any organisation and we must all strive to keep them as low as possible. I’m not saying that all low-cost SEO providers are bad, but knowing the effort involved in properly analysing a Website, it’s content and the traffic it currently enjoys, along with formulating an online plan to move your business forward and then delivering it can be an enormous job… and I just don’t believe it’s possible to do this in most cases “on the cheap”. To reiterate what I’ve said above, you get what you pay for and a cheap approach to SEO can end up costing thousands in the long run… assuming you survive the effects!

SEO by Numbers

Like human-beings, every Website is different. Each one has a different history and a different set of goals. Some perform better than others and some need a little more encouragement to enable them to reach their full potential. That’s why SEO has to be tailor-made to each particular Website: you cannot apply the same SEO approach to one site as another and reasonably expect that you’ll get a successful result every time.

Buying an SEO “package” may seem very neat and tidy, but the idea of applying a package to your Website to get the best results, well… I just don’t buy it. Neither should you.

Being Faithful To Google

If Google loves you it can be a beautiful, heady thing to experience. But Google can and will be unfaithful at times, so you should play the field too! SEO nowadays is so much more than trying to make Google a monogamous, long-term lover. Of course, Google’s love is desirable but you should be actively dating other channels at the same time, because the truth is, Google really doesn’t mind. In fact, Google actually likes the fact that you’re stepping out with others and will reward you for it.

Spreading a little love to social media, blogger outreach and PPC can all help to support your site’s seductiveness, and make it a little easier for your business to stomach if Google seems to dump you for a while.

For an honest appraisal of what it will take to build long-lasting and sustainable Web traffic growth, contact us for a chat.


I am the owner of OK 200. With over 15 years experience of building Websites and marketing them online, I have witnessed first-hand the dramatic evolution of Web development and Search Engine Marketing... and I still get a huge kick out of it!

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