Structured Markup

In a Google Webmaster Central hangout on September 11 2015, John Mueller (Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst) suggested that structured data and rich snippets could be used as a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm to help refine Google’s search results.

Although Google does not currently use structured markup for the purposes of ranking Web pages, Mueller stated that if all Web pages were marked up correctly they could be “pretty useful” in terms of helping Google to accurately understand the content & elements of Web pages in order to help determine page relevancy.

Although this may not be a factor now, it’s worth starting to address structured data and rich snippets on your Website since although it’s only a suggestion… it’s Google that’s making it! To reinforce this, Mueller goes on to say that “in the long run, it definitely makes sense to use structured data”.

You can see the full hangout content here.


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