Google Vs. Flash!

As has been long forewarned, Google is officially flicking the technical switch on its policy against Adobe Flash on September 1st 2015.

Presently, Adobe Flash content is allowed to run automatically on Google Chrome, but from September 1st “non-essential” content (such as Flash adverts) will be paused automatically with browsers being prompted to allow such media to run.

According to Google, the reason this is being implemented is down to the impact Flash has on the performance of Chrome and the burden placed on the battery life of notebooks, tablets and mobile devices whenever Flash content is run.

Apart from the reduced power drain on your device, other more noteworthy benefits are that irritating, spammy adverts should no longer run without your permission and that the spread of viral malware often delivered through malicious Flash content will be diminished.

Google is clearly aiming to target improvements to the mobile browser experience, which again emphasises the importance of ensuring your site is mobile-optimised.

If you do not yet have a responsive and mobile ready Website, perhaps now is the time to get some expert advice?

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